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This is my most recent 3D cake of Jack and Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas. It was a little tricky due to the base terrain and the spindly-ness of Jack Skellington, but I thought it turned out sweet despite the scaling issues! Unforrrtunately.... I got a very small deposit on this cake, and believe it or not it never got picked up! Despite trying to contact the customer numerous times and leaving tons of messages...It is still in my walk-in. :( I think i will donate...
I totally forgot to mention the straws... I always use straws as well, but tapping them into the board will keep em there. It won't keep them from turning tho, I might try the melted chocolate next time...
I usually use a pretty thick wire, not the green floral wire but just a spool of 16 or 18 gauge wire. Also, I cut the end that goes into the cake at an angle, giving it a little sharpness. When you put it in the cake, get it all the way down till it hits the board, then grab the wire with a pair of needle nose pliers, and gently tap the pliers down with a tiny hammer to nail it into the board without jamming your fingers into cake.. Did that make sense?
I bought a self healing Xacto brand mat a while back, and it is my new favorite thing! I scrubbed it thoroughly before and between uses, though I could see after lots of cuts there may be cracks for bacteria to was only about 10 bucks, so I can afford to get a new one every so often. I like it because I can obviously cut right into it, but it is also very non stick for rolling or modeling, and has rulered lines all over it. Good investment, trust me!
Many will disagree with me on this, and I may be taking a risk, but I feel like its not going to be an issue unless the cake is extremely high profile. If you aren't on cake boss, or making the cake for a group of lawyers, I'm pretty sure you aren't getting sued for a little girls birthday cake.... Just my personal view, though.....
Alternatively you can find a recipe for a simple apricot glaze. Looks as good, tastes way better
They may carry that brand, but the Aztek model is made by Testors. It's completely adjustable, has a color cup lid, and changeable nozzles. Epic!
I have a self adhesive sandpaper disc (bought at hardware store, made for electric sanders) stuck in the center of my turntable, and it holds little cakes just enough. I still have to go light on the spatula, but it works without ill effects.
I think "Cake Cake Cake" sounds too much like KKK when said fast.... Eek!
Winbeckler model Aztek airbrush handle is by far the best! Worth the money if you can spend it... The compressor isn't all that important. I hooked mine up to a cheap airbrush compressor from my local china freight hardware store.
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