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Thanks for the information. I wanted to get started on a tiara I need for Thursday, but I have decided I will just make a trip to town tomorrow. I am scared that I may make someone sick with raw eggs I would never want to do that. Thank you again for the help
I need Royal Icing for today. I do not have any powdered meringue and live about 45 min from anywhere that carries it. Is it safe to use real egg whites in it, and is there anything I need to do to the egg whites to make them safe? Thanks in advance!
Do plastic straws work?
Question, when using the old towel method, does the cake stick to the towel? What about greasing and flouring the pan? Sorry, I am very new to this, so I can't picture how it works.
I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for being so sharing and helpful. This has been tremendously educational. This was my first time posting a question in the forum or any forum for that matter. Thanks for making it a wonderfully pleasant and educational experience!
Thanks for the help and advice. I have a couple more questions. When you say coat them with candy melts, do you mean melt then brush on or do you have another method? I am trying to do Pablo and Tyrone from the Backyardigans, about 8 inches tall or so. Ya'll are so sweet and welcoming. Again thanks!
I am very new to this, but I have seen some of the folks on here use rice krispy treats to make parts of their cakes. I want to try to use them to create a couple of 3D characters on a cake. I was wondering if you have any pointers and I also want to cover them in fondant. How far ahead can I do this and how should I store them till ready to use?Thanks for your help, in advance.
I am making fondant covered rice krispy figures. How do you recommend I store these and how long will they last? I have never used rice krispies to make figures, so any pointers on that?Thanks in advance.
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