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Thanks so much for all the suggestions! They all sound scrumptuous. The stuffed strawberries sound so awesome, but I don't have strawberries on hand. So I will make the cheesecake balls which soound so great! Thanks again, ya'll are the bestest.
I baked two cheesecakes today for my mother's birthday tommorrow. The plan was to see if I could stack them (one was 10 inches the other was 7). Well I did not wait long enough for it to cool and the top layer kinda fell apart while I was trying to stack (not a big deal since I was experimenting anyway). I was wondering if there is some sort of awesome dessert I could make out of the remains? Something like cake balls or such? Just wondering if anyone had any...
Thanks so much for the tip, answer and especially the welcome. I did ice the cake out of the refridgerator. Next time I will take your advice. Again thank you!Amber
Hi Everyone!Okay, so I iced my cake, let it crust, iced again, let it crust, smoothed with Viva and fondant smoother. Cake sat for about 45 min. and then an air bubble popped out on the side. I have tried resmoothing (works for a min. but comes back) and I tried popping it with toothpick (works for a bit, but after smoothing comes back). Just wondering what I have done wrong for future reference and how do you get the air bubble out.Thanks in advance!
Chuckle, Chuckle I love your little piggies avatar at the bottom! So cute. Muah, Muah to you too
I just started a diet yesterday and a friend of mine shared a trick she used when she was making cakes. She said she wore a surgical mask. Kept all those pesky little bites from finding their way mindlessly to her mouth. Probably helps to not smell it as much too. Said the surgical masks started to itch some, so she made a homemade one out of a soft hanky and ribbon. I think I will try this. I am a mindless eater and just stick it in my mouth without thinking, so I...
I ended up going with fondant because I am on a timeline and the RI was not working out. Couldnt get a pic to attach. Something about must be less than 800 pixels. Anyway, should be in my pictures now. Not great, but I am doing it for a friends daughter as a surprise, so not even expecting it. She won the local beauty pageant, just a congrats from me.
Thanks everyone for all the tips! That helps out alot and I will try the new recipe you gave me for RI. SheilaBelle your tiara is awsome! So cute! Do you have an extruder or did you roll the fondant by hand? Oh and by the way, your piping is great (much better than mine)
Thanks for the help . Looking back I think I measured the sugar wrong. The Wilton recipe called for 1 lb. or 4 cups. I had a 2 lb. bag and last time I just kinda eyeballed half of the bag, this time I measured 4 cups and it came out crumbley (is that a word?). Anyway, if I add more meringue will it help? or should I just add the vinegar?
Okay, I have already done a royal icing tiara and the first one turned out fine (it at least held together). Anyway, I am trying to make another one and when I pipe it on the can with the parchment paper and let it dry for a couple of hours, when I come back to it, it has broken and fallen completely off of the can. Is there something I can do to the icing to make it stick? What am I doing wrong? Help!
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