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I am going through the same thing. Used a recipe with a lot of butter, does have some crisco but I live in south Georgia (hot and humid) and the icing seems to be sort of melting and separating. It's my first wedding cake too . Oh well, at least it is family and I am doing it for cost of ingredients. I would feel really bad if it was a paying customer. Feel bad enough now. Anyway, I am feeling your pain.
Thanks Xstitcher, should it be covered? if so, how? Sorry about all the questions, I am very new to this.
I have another question to ask on this subject. I am doing my first wedding cake this weekend too. I am icing today and decorating tomorrow and the wedding is Saturday. There are no fillings, just buttercream. How should I store the cake until then? Refridgerate or out? How do you usually cover it without hurting the icing? TIA
Thanks so much for your help and advice. I think I will go with the 10 and 12. We are definitely a bunch of cake eaters down here. The bigger the better. Hope ya'll have a wonderful day!
So, I am doing my first wedding cake this week. The couple got married at the courthouse a few months ago and are having a small reception/shower this weekend. I am told there will be about 50 people there (keep in mind this is South Georgia where we really do eat the cake, probably double portions ) My question is would you do a 12", 10", and 6" or 10", 8", and 6". The 6" will not be eaten, they will be saving it for first anniversary. Also do you think the first...
Thanks for your help!
Hi everyone!Just a quick (and maybe dumb ) question. Can I store cake batter in the fridge overnite? Will it affect the way it bakes the next day? Any rising issues or such?TIA
Thanks for the replies. It finally crusted a little. Think I will start over tomorrow. This time maybe I will pay more attention to the recipe One more question, can I use half n half instead of heavy cream?
Hi everyone!I made seriouscakes buttercream today for the first time. I love the consistency and the taste is wonderful. But, its been an hour and it still hasn't crusted enough to smooth with Viva. I used three sticks of butter this may have something to do with it. Also used Great Value shortening (does this have the transfat?) If I add more sugar will it crust?Thanks in advance.
I coated my RKT figure in buttercream before I covered it in fondant. Turned out fairly smooth. In my photos if you want to see. Also, someone suggested brushing with candy melts before covering. HTH
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