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Thanks for the suggestions! I like the ones with flowers. I was thinking along those lines
I could really use some ideas for an 80th birthday cake for a woman. Has to be a sheet cake. I have some ideas, but nothing is standing out to me. Help please!
OMGoodness! That color chart is awesome! Thank you so much!
What colors do I mix to make pill bottle orange?thanks in advance
Thanks for the feedback icer101! I feel so much better about it knowing that I can freeze the whole thing beforehand
HiSo, I told my cousin I would do his wedding cake and grooms cake. I am already nervous about the wedding cake because (1) its square and I have very limited icing experience with squares and (2) he lives 5 hours away. I would like to ice the cake and freeze it so it does not melt and sag in the Georgia heat on the way there. Will that work or will the icing mess up while thawing or will it taste wierd? Any pointers would be great. I could ice it up there, but I do...
Thanks for all of your suggestions! I really appreciate them. Turns out I didn't have to cut the cake afterall. But this is great for future reference. and Indydebi's method looks so much easier than Wilton.
Thank you so much!!! This guide is so much easier than the other one I found. You are a life saver! Do you get the same amount of servings as the Wilton guide? Any way thank you everyone for helping me through this whole ordeal.
So I know this is last minute, but I really need your wonderful tips and help. I have to serve my first wedding cake today. It is 4 tiered stacked cake (6in, 8 in, 10, 12) with a dowel through the center. What is the best way to pull the layers off? It will be sitting on a pretty cake base which adds about 7 inches to the cake. Should I just stand in a chair to remove them? Or should I just cut with them still stacked? I guess I am just asking the best way in your...
Okay, so I re-iced it and smooothed it and stacked it. It looked great. Decorated in the fridge. Took it out to transport it last night (so it wouldnt be in the sun). It was 50 degrees in my car and by the time we got there it was sagging a little. By the time the guy got it up the stairs, it was sagging alot. I have to serve it tommorrow and take credit for this thing.Oh well, I guess it will be okay and my pride will recover. On the bright side the Bride loved it...
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