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Thanks, you all, for your information! I think I will have to try this type of cake! Just when my diet was going so well
Can anyone tell me what mud cake is? Sharon Zambito mentions it on her Topsy Turvy DVD and there are a lot of recipes under the Australian/New Zealand section of the recipe tab.
You can try a google search for "cake candy supplies" plus your city name.
K8Memphis--I stand corrected--you're absolutely right. The impossibility is in my mind-set and way of viewing the situation, not in the laws here
K8Memphis--I'm in Jefferson County. I thought it was the same all over in KY, but maybe it's not. Yes, I'd have to have a separate kitchen that was certified. Also, I think I'd have to take classes in food safety and be certified that way, too. My cake decorating teacher said she was thinking of opening a place with several commercial kitchens to rent out, but I imagine that would take a lot of money. The nearest place to rent around here is 1 1/2 hours away. I found an...
I've been wondering about using ribbons on cakes in general because wouldn't the dyes not be food-safe?
The only way I've been able to get really pretty roses with somooth edges are by using the canned Wilton icing or by making icing with high-ratio shortening. Otherwise, IMBC or royal icing, but they're so radically different from powdered sugar bc...
I'm in Louisville and it's the same here.
k8memphis, what do you mean? I live in KY and it's the same deal as in Missouri, apparently.
Sparklekat6--Thank you for the pattern--it's such a cute horse!Eilidh--Here's a link to a webpage with what appears to be good instructions: You can also look on the Wilton website but there aren't any pictures:
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