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You're very welcome, sorry it's taken me so long to respond, we were in the middle of a military move.What? You don't like my name? Eye Candy Cupcakes.
I haven't done it but I have wanted to, if you get some advice please let me know or rather, if you attempt it let us know how it turned out. Good luck!
Very cute and great idea, thanks for sharing!
So cute! Wonderful job, I bet everyone loved them.
Wow, that's incredible!
I bought that a few months ago and am in love with it. I have the 3 tier as well, I like to store some tri color cookies on the bottom level (flipped tray) and than cupcakes and cookies on the others. I'm a little obsessed! Haha!
Have you tried them again? I'd like to make them one day as well, they are just so cute. I followed Bakerella's blog on them and that was my inspiration.
Not sure if you're still looking but I saw these last night and think they are adorable... she uses cupcakes, brownies and sugar cookies!
Nice job, you definitely deserve to be featured on a blog! I saw those in my Hello, Cupcake book and really want to make them, just haven't had a chance since my boys are allergic to half the ingredients. GREAT JOB again!
I've never had this problem either but I read elsewhere to definitely let them cool outside the pans. I usually take mine out within a few minutes. They are hot to pick up but I just deal with it or use a spoon to scoop them out.
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