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Thats a great pic, and a great cake!!!! Talent, talent!!!
Hello CC users!!!! I have a friend who is getting married... She sent me the following picture as an example of the color effect she wants on each tier.... I dont have an airbrush... I was thinking that maybe some blue color dust would do the trick... What do you think?? And how should I apply it??Thanks in advance? And SORRY I have no clue who made this cake or where she got the picture!!!
if you have a well (for water) you need to have it inspected, I'm outside the city, and my water is supplied by a company not the city; therefore I need to have my water company inspect the well .. Im not 100% sure, but I heard something like this... Good Luck!!!
Hello everyone!I'm decorating a cake today and left my gumpaste bow for last :sHow long does it take for gumpaste to dry? Taking cake to the party in about 4.5 hours. Is that enough time?Thanks!!!!
Thank you both very very very much!!!!
Hello everyone!!!I'm looking for a ballet slipper template... I searched for Cakebaker and I cant find Cakebaker!!! I'm making a cake for my daugthers recital... And wanted to have ballet slippers as toppers!!!(edited for content.)Thanks in advance!
Thanks Girls!
If you refrigerate, do you cover it in the refrigerator?
I'm buying it on ebay, do you think its good 4 the price, and its new in box?Thanks so much for answering!
I'm planning on buying the KitchenAid Artisan 5-Quart Stand Mixer KSM150PS for 200.00, and would like to know if any one has any reviews on it? I'm not up to date with the KA world! Thanks in advance!Happy Caking!
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