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Can you pm it to me Thanks!!!!!
If you must accept checks, just make sure that you recieve the check 10 days or more before the cake is actually due. This will give it time to clear the bank to ensure that you have the money before they recieve the cake.
If you make them pay a refundable deposit for renting the equipment, they'll be sure to return it to you after their event.
This is what I typically do...Print the logo onto photo paper or another type of heavy paper. Roll out a thin piece of fondant and let it sit while you cut the logo out of the paper. (This allows for it not to be as sticky and it makes it easier to cut.) Lay the logo onto your fondant and use an exacto knife to cut around the shapes.Hope that helps. I'm better at showing someone something rather than trying to explain.
I used half of the Wilton sports ball pan for my baseball caps.
Try using this chart....
I typically use a the White Almond Sour Cream (WASC) recipe for my cakes. I've found that the WASC recipe doesn't hold up as well when carving. If you use the WASC recipe for carving, what tips/advice do you have? If you don't use a WASC recipe for carved cakes, what is another good recipe that will hold up well for carving and is still moist and tasty? Everyone seems to love the taste of a WASC cake, so I want to use another recipe that is close to it.Thanks!!
Thanks for the info and such great news!
I agree with Texas_Rose. They probably don't have the money, so they don't want to mention it to you right now. They are probably waiting until the have the money. There is no way they could not like those cakes. You did a wonderful job!
When you guys are referring to a "strong enough board", are you referring to the board in between the cakes or the main board that the stacked cakes is sitting on?
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