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My mom went out and bought a cookie press lol but I'm GOING to try the tip and bag idea next week with my step-kids!
Thank you both so much! I will be doing them in the next few days so I will definitely keep you updated. :)
I don't have a cookie press and my Dad asked me to make some spritz cookies - can I still make them without a cookie press?
Thanks - I really wanted to do something for this weekend
I don't currently have an oven and now that my parents have gone back home for the summer, I can't borrow theirs either. Can I make a cake-mix cake in a crock-pot? Thanks
Thanks :)
I've seen quite a few of these and they are so cute. I have a dumb question - where do I find kitkat type candy for the outside that are tall enough? All I find are the short ones.
Oh man has it been one thing after another!! Long story short - birthday party got moved to this weekend so am just starting cake tonight. I took one of your ideas and kinda went in a diff direction - couldn't find ribbon so got some material. It's only gonna be one tier so we'll see how it all comes out. I will post pics early next week
WONDERFUL!! and thanks so much for sharing :)
I know it's 8 years later but that cake is still amazing!!
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