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LOLOLOL!  I love this image...heehee
$250.00  That cake is precious!
I agree with least $125, possibly more depending on filling.  Very cute, BTW :)
Nice job! :)  
Hi! I just did a version of this cake this past is in my gallery.I used the following all torted and filled:12" x6" (I used 3 12" rounds)10"x4"8"x6" (again 3 8" rounds)6x4"HTH! I also made about 75 petals in 3 vary sizes in addition to the center wired flower.Good luck!
Hi all! The last few weeks have been so crazy (but good!) with weddings that I fear I'm a little "fried" and just can't seem to get it together for a design for this cake...thankfully its not due until December! Anyway, it is for a man's 50th birthday with a Motown theme....the only thing they want for sure is some type of "gold record cake". Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? I have checked the galleries here and have seen a few things, but nothing's really...
Looks like ribbon to me...very thin, maybe the curling type...HTH
I know this may seem like a dumb question, but really, besides the vanilla, is there that much of a difference? I always use pure vanilla extract in my white cake (I use modified box) and was just wondering if anyone knows what makes the "French Vanilla", I guess....French vanilla?Thanks for your responses.
Hello....I'm having a major brain fart with this one couple....they are interested in having a groom's cake but can't really tell me the direction that they are wanting to go in and everything I have suggested they aren't interested in. I have racked my brain and am still not coming up with anything (I think I need a vacation!) Anyway...just wondering if anyone has a groom's cake questionnaire that they use...just looking for a little inspiration I guess. TIA!!
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