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Well for so long Inwont this airbrush machine I got it, and now I dont know how to use it, without it ging every where. Please help
Thank-You everyone
I was just wondering if anyone know how I can make store brought cookie dough chewy. Every time I make store brought cookies they come out crunchy, and I prefer chewy.
I'm talking about baking a cake letting it dry then putting melted chocolate on covering the whole cake then let dry, frost and decorate, or Do I frost at all? or do I let the melted chocolate be the frosting!
Not really for sure on how to do a candy coated cake, After baking the cake and letting it cool, then do you just pour the melted candy over the cake, and after it hardens ice the cake, and decorate??? Please help
Thats for all the help, I surly needed it.
Hello everyone I'm in the process of tring to paint on a fondant plate that I made using no Taste Red. Do I use just use the color or do i mix it with somthing before I paint. As you can tell this is my first time free hand painting in objects.
I'm in the process of tring to make a 3D beans and rice and cornbread cake for my graddad's birthday he love's beans and rice. I made a bowl, cup and spoon,out of fondant I'm tring to figure out what do I use in the place of rice. Please let me know if I'm even doing this right,because I have never done this before. After the fondant dry I wont to take some cake and crumbly it up at the bottom of the cake cover, with icing then I guess what ever someone suggest for the...
My graddad is having a birthday dinner next weekend does anyone have any ideas on a cake for me to do, I dont wont something to realist as in death, because of his age, I have already done over the hill cake for the last three party's so I dont wont to do the theme for the cake. Any ideas will help. (He's from the south, health is pretty good,except for his hearing, he has about 12 or more children, and a ton of gradchildren, and greatgrandchildren.) THERE WILL BE ABOUT 40...
Does anyone out there have any suggestions on a birthday cake for my daughters 13teen birthday that is tomorrow? Thank-You in advance
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