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Country Kitchen SweetArt online
Yes they do make cupcake dummies I brought some from this company check out Country Kitchen SweetArt online.
I wont to make a cherry chip cake today with a cherry filling, but I dont know how to make the filling from scratch can some one help.
Thank-You very much.
Do anyone have a petit four recipe that they are willing to share? I tryed the one in the recipes section and that one is very densed like cornbread is there another recipe I can try that may up hold roll icing
Sorry I said it wrong it is roll icing for petit four. Do I mix powder sugar with it do or I pour this over top of the petit four just like it is?
I just brought some rolled buttercream from Ck, and I'm just wondering how do I use it? I going to assume that you add powder sugar to it, but do you roll it out like you would fondant?
Anybody on here know how I go about shipping a cake from one state to another.
The name of the printer is Epson (NX415) all in one scanner, printer, fax, and copier.
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