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I don't mean too bother anyone, but I was wondering if I could make and freeze chocolate chip cookies unbaked (for a little over a week) I want to make them tomorrow but I don't need to bake them until next Friday, but because I have so much too do on Friday of next week (daughters basketball Banquet), I again want to make the dough, wrap, then freeze it until Friday then bake for Saturday will it be okay?
How long can I freeze precut undecorated sugar cookies, and chocolate chip cookies? I want to make my daughters cookies for her basketball banquet now and freeze them seeing that I have alot of other things to do the day before their banquet. The banquet isn't until April 21st will they be okay frozen until then?
I am a member, and yes it is worth the 20 dollars
I just recieved my book today that I order from amazon Baking with the cake boss,and cant wait to try some of the recipes, but I was wondering has anyone else tryed any of the recipes in the book? The reason I was asking is because I was wondering how "real" are the recipes because I recall in one of his shows him saying he doesn't give out recipes.
Okay I receive the cake pop pan for christmas I haven't use it yet, but I was wondering if anyone else have this pan, and how do they like it?
Can someone please give a recipe for some creamcheese frosting.
Okay on Saturday I made some cupcakes one had an oreo in the middle, and the other had snicker in the middle, but with the snicker sunk to the bottom of the cupcake. I used a mini snicker, I put some batter in the upcake liner, then the snicker, then a little more batter, then baked it on 350. What went wrong why did it sick to the bottom? The oreo didn't it stayed in the middle, and I used the same batter fo both.
To make a long story short their is no need in having a contract if your not going to follow it. No refund
What can I be doing wrong my fondant keeps cracking on a wedding cake that I'm doing for tomorrow
Luckly this is for a friend (free) but I still dont wont to mess it up, what do you think I should do about the layers of cake seeing the cake will over hang. What sizes should the cakes be
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