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I'm new to trying maccroons, I was wondering if anyone can give advice on them, I want to try making them, but I need to know witch is the best to buy the maccroon mat, or pan? Please help thank in advance:)
Thank you very much
I was wondering if anyone on here can tell me if you can bake then freeze cupcakes in the cupcake liners. If so how? Thanks for any help anyone can give.
No I don't think it too much, if anything it should be more I just saying. Okay this is how I would do it 1.50 a cupcake, your time, supplies, utility's ( gas that you use to bake the cupcakes in your oven) and delivery.
yes I do thank-you
So far I would have too say my favorite tool would be my turn table, whats yours?
I would love to post the link, but how do I go about doing this
Thank-You very much
On yesterday I have some red velet cupcakes that require creamcheese frosting. When I made the frosting it was kind of running it wasn't stuff enough to put on top to the cupcake to make the normal cupcake "swirl" or anything else for that matter. I was wondering if anyone know what I could have dont wrong, and/or do you have a better recipe for a creamcheese frosting.This is what I did, I use 1 8oz of soften creamchees, 4 cups of power sugar, 1 stick of soften butter,...
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