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OK, so I posted earlier the issues I (Cake Mischief) had with getting this product through Get Sassie and how we had to refund everybody after cancelling our order. I was able to get the Sassie Gun through my main (reliable) supplier, and ordered 12 in. I was excited to get it and opened one up to try myself. Unfortunately, I was very disappointed. The gun has three heat settings: standby (no heat), low heat, and high heat. The button that changes this setting is at the...
These are exactly the reasons why we (cake mischief) decided to cancel our order with Get Sassie. We ordered a wholesale order of the guns in Oct, and we sold them to our clients pre-order (we sold out of what we ordered from Get Sassie). We kept getting delayed and delayed and delayed, finally they came in but apparently we weren't in the first batch shipping out (we were never told this, everything they said indicated that we would be in the first batch). They told me...
I know that you can get fondx through cake mischief -
I know that Cake Mischief now carries hi-ratio shortening on their online store, so if you don't have a bulk barn or mccals close:
I know that they have tylose at, though I think it's only in the smaller size - they are canadian
There is a small selection of frill cutters sold in canada at www cakemischief com
Yeah, though if it was it would be awesome!lol - i read my previous post and wow - do i ever sound like a know it all biatch. Sorry - wasn't my intent, I just wanted to figgure out if it was or not.
Check out this website: don't have a cannon, so I just selected "Model Number" "Starts With" "c" and a few came up. Based on the results I would say that cannon ink jet ink is not non-toxic (i know, I know, double negative), and I would assume that most other inks would be as well. Unless the toner package actualy says "non-toxic" on it, I would assume that it wasn't. is up and running - there were some issues with the site a while ago, but it's up and running now.
Hey everybody, there is a new online cake decorating store and it's based out of Beaumont, AB - just outside of
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