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I store mine in cardboard bakery boxes. That is, for the duration of time between finishing making them and giving to the client who ordered them.
I don't write on my cakes with pencil...but, you do know that graphite is just a soft form of pure carbon, right? As carbon is the basic unit of all organic molecules, and we are composed of 18% carbon, and carbon in the form of charcoal is given to patients who have ingested poisons to assist in its absorption, I'm going to have to say that scientifically speaking, a faint line of graphite across the back of my piece of cake I'm eating is not going to bother me. If you...
In Australia you can buy popcorn salt, but its butter flavoured. In the USA, what do YOU guys call popcorn salt? Is it just a really finely ground powdered salt? Or does it have additional flavouring added?   Thanks in advance.
Mud cakes are cooked longer at a lower temperature. I bake mine at 310 deg F.
If you are using stainless steel, please make sure its food grade, and not made in China.
Liz - I like the way you think
We've had a few of these ambitious first big cake posts lately! Hmmmm....
You can do it either way. I usually just do it straight after covering.
It's just a way to get limited raising. To create the mud texture. You can substitute the plain+SR Mixture with all plain/AP + a reduced amount of baking powder to what you'd usually use to make self-raising flour (2 tsps baking powder to 1 metric cup plain flour).
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