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Re: egg weights and egg yolk/white proportions, I wrote an entry on Eggs on my fledgling blog last year in case anyone would like to read more about this sort of thing and how it relates to baking. Hope this helps!
Basically put your egg whites (weighed) in a glass bowl, cover in cling wrap and place in the fridge for 24-48 hours. They should not have any firmer bits in them. When you crack a fresh egg, you may have noticed the yolk sits up high on a jellyfied egg white, and then there is also a runny liquid around that (watery). You want to break down the jelly- like part by ageing your egg whites. Hope this helps!
I use Pierre Herme's recipe, which involves cooking the sugar. I love making macarons...I do quite a few wedding cakes and towers and bombonierie packages etc. I would try piping them a bit further apart from each other to get better heat distribution. Use a template to get perfectly sized macs. Also open your oven after 8 minutes and 10 minutes to let out steam (this is after the feet have formed). Watch how you beat your whites too. Do not overbeat them before adding...
  You are one of the nicest people on CC, MBalaska :-) I haven't had much time to update my galleries here on CC, but I might try putting up a few newer ones for your viewing pleasure! 
It's called a quilling technique, if you are looking for videos or tutes. But basically its based on paper quilling. You cut your gumpaste into thin strips and assemble it into the final shapes you want placed on you cake. Then allow it to dry, before applying to the cake. Hope this helps!
Wonderful cake gifting stories! No-one bothers to make me cake, except my Mum ;-)
Hiya! If you are unsure of what to do, maybe take a couple Craftsy classes? There are some reasonably current design classes in the Cake Decorating classes they offer. As far as pricing goes, wait for them to run a special - they always do. Never pay full price. But they are still CHEAP AS compared to attending a class in person. Best of all - no travelling, you get to keep the class indefinitely and ask questions of the teachers, and you can go at your own pace, fitting...
Came across an article today regarding the disturbing behaviour of what sounds like "a baker on the edge", to paraphrase Donkey from Shrek. Sure sounds like a professional hobbyist! Here is the link to the story: ( if you want to see a photo). The article states: "Did the Oh Cakes baker embarrass the city when she sent a client a 'poo cake'? Oh Cakes owner Emma McDonald, of Riverton in Southland,...
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