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Raise your prices.  
  I live just up the coast from you, and have had my share of Surf Club weddings too! I don't mind them, actually, as long as its not the seashell and frangipani type :-) We have a fabulous relatively new Surf House venue up here now, and the wedding cake styles have been everything from vintage to ultra modern. But nothing burlap, TG. That's all my Hunter valley clients :-/
Make your royal icing or gumpaste roses in advance and keep them dry, dry, dry. Don't add them to the frozen cake until you have thawed it out. And don't freeze the flowers at all.
I was a beta tester on this app too and I LOVE IT!   I use it for EVERY SINGLE CAKE I quote on!!!   It is worth the money, every cent.
I must concur with what the other experienced decorators have told you here. This is not a viable business where you can make any kind of living giving your time and expertise away like you are planning on doing.   $70 for 80 portions? 88 cents for a dessert portion?? I don't know ANYWHERE that you can buy dessert for 88 cents, let alone one that has been freshly baked from scratch, filled with quality fresh ingredients, then decorated to suit the theme and colours of...
Evoir tip - buy a $7 mini hair straightener and use that to heal seal any plastic bags. I use one to seal faux 'cellophane' cookie bags before tying on ribbon.   (Fun fact: Real cellophane is no longer available, and actually never would seal using an impulse/heat sealer)
If it was me, and this was for a paying customer, I would first try to remove the bulges with a pin, or by using a sharp scalpel to deflate them (if you do slice, cover large marks with an appropriate border or decoration). Seeing as you said this hasn't worked, you will need to go back to fix the cause of your problem, which is not the fondant, but what lies beneath.   Remove your Superman decorations, peel/cut the fondant off, ganache your cake properly as a means of...
It depends on your location. And your market.   I'm in Australia, and regular ABC is the domain of cheap commercial bakeries, used on cheap cakes and cupcakes.   As a custom caker, though, I use IMBC exclusively, unless asked for something different, for my buttercream.   Most Australians would find ABC far too sugary and sweet to eat in the huge pile you usually see on a cupcake these days!
Hi OP - I have made this sort of design a few times (some years ago now). I think there is a pink three-tier wedding cake somewhere in my photos here...   My tip? Use a metallic 6" bench scraper. You can thus keep it square to the cake. Its the fastest and easiest way to do it and gives the best result, IMO.
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