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This email from last week:   "I'm looking for cupcakes or a whole cake that are vegan, gluten free and low sugar. Can you help or do you know someone who can? Its for a baby shower"     Vegan. Gluten free. Low sugar.    My response, rather than my usual kind letdown was.:    "Hi xxxx,    Sorry, I can't help you with that one! Best wishes for the baby shower."
Pipe in a "gold" toned royal icing, then use a fine brush to dab a bit of gold luster dust mixed with rose spirit, or vodka, on each dot.
I have a uniform of sorts: always an apron - polyester/cotton because it doesn't de-lint-ify all over the place. In summer: tank top and shorts, in winter yoga pants and tees. I have tens of tank tops and tees. And if I'm sitting doing GP flower work for hours, I'll put on a zippered vest thing which is so freaking ugly, but so very comfy - keeps my chest warm while my arms are free (do I sound like an old woman?). I also wear a hair net or a cook's cap thing when I am in...
I use the transfer sheets for applying onto cakes.   With fondant you may want to try dampening your surface to make it tacky before applying the leaf. Alternatively you can apply a thin layer of shortening or gildesol or sugar glue. It just works better when the surface is tacky to the touch.
My Spotlight has been clearing out a bunch of cake deco stuff at 50-70% off. I went in for some ribbon, and left with $135 in cake pans and other crap I probably don't need haha! They had Fat Daddio heart pans reduced from about $54 to $13, so of course I got three. I also stocked up on 8" cake rounds because I was running low on those and the price was cheaper than my wholesaler.   I can't helpbut wondering if they are moving away from cake stuff altogether, or if they...
I guess cake decorating isn't a big margin business. Most professionals are flat chat busy running their businesses. I'm not saying there wouldn't be someone out there willing to mentor you. I can understand what YOU would get out of such an arrangement. But what would be in it for them?
If all else fails, flick an email to the maker of the cake. They may be happy to help you out with the correct information.
Hi, it is recommended you use a gravity-fed airbrush (reservoir at the top of the brush) for cake decorating.
Thank you everyone for taking the time to comment- I really appreciate all your replies.   Before I had my cake business, I was a physiotherapist, so I think a lot of the damage that occurred to my dominant hand/wrist happened during those 10 years of fulltime heavy manual therapy work.   Caking was meant to be a bit easier on my body! Ha!   Funnily enough, I treated many a patient with carpal tunnel syndrome over those years, and I know it's the sort of thing that...
Hi, just wanting to hear from anyone who has had to have Carpal Tunnel surgery. Particularly, how much time off did you need from caking until you were fully recovered and could do everything normally again?   How much time should I be blocking off in my business diary to have the surgery and recoup enough to be back at work?
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