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Hi, it is recommended you use a gravity-fed airbrush (reservoir at the top of the brush) for cake decorating.
Thank you everyone for taking the time to comment- I really appreciate all your replies.   Before I had my cake business, I was a physiotherapist, so I think a lot of the damage that occurred to my dominant hand/wrist happened during those 10 years of fulltime heavy manual therapy work.   Caking was meant to be a bit easier on my body! Ha!   Funnily enough, I treated many a patient with carpal tunnel syndrome over those years, and I know it's the sort of thing that...
Hi, just wanting to hear from anyone who has had to have Carpal Tunnel surgery. Particularly, how much time off did you need from caking until you were fully recovered and could do everything normally again?   How much time should I be blocking off in my business diary to have the surgery and recoup enough to be back at work?
I'm in Australia. I have a two-tier (haha) pricing system)   Part A: Price per serving (not per tier). This is for the basic cake, filling, ganache and fondant, ribbon, fondant-covered board and simple piping.   Part B: Then I add on any other 'decorative effects' on a price-per-item basis. If you want a cascade of sugar flowers, gold leaf, piping your bridal lace over a whole tier and are going to be paying a cakeload.   This is the sort of thing you...
Valerie, one thing you can try is instead of trying to pipe single-line big shapes, like the two concentric circles on the top tier, is to do a beaded/pearl effect in a circle using a #1 tip. Also, get your cake surface as flat as possible before piping - tilt it away from you in other words.   Other than the circles, your work is not that bad! I like winniemog's advice too :-)
It is a weird colour combo, but I did a wedding cake in these colours about a month or two ago. I ended up doing two open peach-coloured roses, pale blue sating ribbon at the base of each tier, and a white stencilled pattern (can't remember the design but it is a small damask print from DS) on the middle tier. Ivory fondant.   However, they didn't then whack it on a blingy chandelier stand!
  I have too many silicone and chocolate (plastic) seashell moulds too. Frangis, I actually used to like them before the freaking back-of-the-car deluge of frangipani stickers craze a few years ago! They are definitely one of the easier flowers to make :-)
Raise your prices.  
  I live just up the coast from you, and have had my share of Surf Club weddings too! I don't mind them, actually, as long as its not the seashell and frangipani type :-) We have a fabulous relatively new Surf House venue up here now, and the wedding cake styles have been everything from vintage to ultra modern. But nothing burlap, TG. That's all my Hunter valley clients :-/
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