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Aww, thanks gals!   It was an absolute delight to work on. I wish I could do more painted cakes. I did one two weeks ago, which turned out better than I expected. I have recently started a new medication trial, and one killer side effect is it gives me tremors! So I was worried about that 'steady hand' you speak of!
I believe it is this one...the way it is applied on the cake, the top on bottom extremeties have been truncated.
Good quality paintbrush and edible liquid food colour.  
Hi - I would suggest you save yourself a HUGE amount of hassle and make your Minion sitting down. Here's one I did last year. Just build it like you would a regular stacked cake with a domed top. HTH!
Hahaa! Love it :-)
My tip for cleaning your hands after colouring, is to use bar soap and warm water only. If this doesn't work, use a cheap shaving foam. I have found just using a bar of soap, rather than pump-pack style liquid soap does the trick in 99% of cases!   Also, re: 5lbs of pink fondant - I have had gloves split at the fingertips before. You probably didn't find it because there was not a missing piece? In any case, I recommend using the blue food service gloves...The reason...
This email from last week:   "I'm looking for cupcakes or a whole cake that are vegan, gluten free and low sugar. Can you help or do you know someone who can? Its for a baby shower"     Vegan. Gluten free. Low sugar.    My response, rather than my usual kind letdown was.:    "Hi xxxx,    Sorry, I can't help you with that one! Best wishes for the baby shower."
Pipe in a "gold" toned royal icing, then use a fine brush to dab a bit of gold luster dust mixed with rose spirit, or vodka, on each dot.
I have a uniform of sorts: always an apron - polyester/cotton because it doesn't de-lint-ify all over the place. In summer: tank top and shorts, in winter yoga pants and tees. I have tens of tank tops and tees. And if I'm sitting doing GP flower work for hours, I'll put on a zippered vest thing which is so freaking ugly, but so very comfy - keeps my chest warm while my arms are free (do I sound like an old woman?). I also wear a hair net or a cook's cap thing when I am in...
I use the transfer sheets for applying onto cakes.   With fondant you may want to try dampening your surface to make it tacky before applying the leaf. Alternatively you can apply a thin layer of shortening or gildesol or sugar glue. It just works better when the surface is tacky to the touch.
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