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Just looking at the original cake again. You may be able to achieve similar results buy using a variety of Patchwork cutters, which come in many patterns of flowers and swirls doesn't look so much to be a repeated pattern, more of a random application of these swirls and flowers. In any case, if I am wrong, I thing it would give the same effect, given that you want that busy design that you will overpaint in gold (or apply gold leaf to).
I'd make thin fondant diamonds, folded over the line/string, ensuring you have plenty left on either side for tying. Dry completely. Then hang up on your straws. If you glue the string/line on the backs of triangles once dried you may find they flip around a bit as they are top heavy.
Hi Dayti. Thanks so much for your reply! I've tried it since with windows 7, Vista and even joy. I will try updating the CC firmware if possible and see what happens. At this stage, it's no loss either way if it does or doesn't work. I've been very disappointed with Cricut in general. I would never recommend them to anyone given their lack of customer focus, and also given what they did to Linda McClure. Had I known about the full drama before I shelled out for a...
Hiya Like many people, a few years ago I bought the CC and MTC software to create my own designs and cut them out using my CC. If anyone is still doing the same thing, can you please help out with a problem I'm having? Firstly, I got a new notebook, and used my original disc to load MTC onto my new computer. It all works fine...I have never updated it online so it is meant to still communicate fine with my CC. I can use MTC to download jpegs and modify them to SG files...
Aww, thanks gals!   It was an absolute delight to work on. I wish I could do more painted cakes. I did one two weeks ago, which turned out better than I expected. I have recently started a new medication trial, and one killer side effect is it gives me tremors! So I was worried about that 'steady hand' you speak of!
I believe it is this one...the way it is applied on the cake, the top on bottom extremeties have been truncated.
Good quality paintbrush and edible liquid food colour.  
Hi - I would suggest you save yourself a HUGE amount of hassle and make your Minion sitting down. Here's one I did last year. Just build it like you would a regular stacked cake with a domed top. HTH!
Hahaa! Love it :-)
My tip for cleaning your hands after colouring, is to use bar soap and warm water only. If this doesn't work, use a cheap shaving foam. I have found just using a bar of soap, rather than pump-pack style liquid soap does the trick in 99% of cases!   Also, re: 5lbs of pink fondant - I have had gloves split at the fingertips before. You probably didn't find it because there was not a missing piece? In any case, I recommend using the blue food service gloves...The reason...
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