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See.... that's the response I was getting! A golden birthday is when you turn the same age as the date (day) of your birthday. Like I turned 26 on April 26th. It only happens to everyone once and it has to be before you turn 31.
I don't really have any great ideas, but I'm just glad that you know about Golden Birthdays! I had mine this year on April 26th and everyone thought I was nuts when I said it was my "golden" birthday.Have fun with whatever you decide on!
I just made my first full sheet cake and from my research I learned that there is definitely some controversy out there about the size of a full sheet cake. I used a 12x18 pan and put 2 of them together for 24x18 cake. A full pan probably won't fit into your oven. With 2" x 2" servings, this size will give you 108 servings.Good luck!!
How about cheesecake mousse. Yummy!
Try a mix of Wilton Rose Pink and Petal Pink.
Is this what you are looking for?
I know it's cheating, but I use the jar of hot fudge ice cream topping for fudge filling. Everyone raves about it, so I've never been motivated to find a good scratch recipe.
Here is a link to a yummy-sounding recipe for chai spice buttercream
I did take Wilton 1, but still consider myself to be self/cc taught. I learned a couple things in class, but don't use those methods much anymore. Cookies are my favorite thing to decorate, and I got all my knowledge and recipes for cookies from members of this site. Thanks guys!
Thanks for the suggestions everyone! You all have a great point about kids eating candy that has been burried in the plastic grass! I think I'll give it a try.
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