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Thank you moderators and techies my wandering pics have been returned HOORAY!!!!!
Dear Moderators,Do a search for "traveling buddy" My nieces first birthday cake a replica of her stuffed seahorse is first search item shown. However when I go to my gallery home it is a no show. It was posted as you can see by search in OCT 2009. I cannot see almost 1 and 1/2 pages of cakes I uploaded. I know on Dec 5th you posted it was being fixed...I still don't see cakes that used to be here and obviously they are floating around in your system since I can find...
I hope ill like it after I reload the half of my cakes that are NOW missing. If it takes as long as it did before to upload I might have everything loaded back by NEXT year this hoo.
I have watched eight-layer caramel cakes slide slowly into the floor after fighting with them into the wee hours of the morning. By the time dawn broke I was broken too. BUT I learned to be patient. Keep my cakes and my attitude cool and try to look at my "failures" as learning opportunities. Don't let perfectionist ideals keep you from sharing your passion and talent with others. As a painter I have learned NEVER spend too much time with one project. Stop...
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