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There are also alot of really good tutorials on youtube for auto's .. just do a search for car cake tutorials .. Good Luck!!
Did you allready try and stick it in the freezer for a few?? At least 15-20 mins?? That should firm it right up .. if that doesnt work, I'd add a little powdered sugar ..Good Luck!!
I think it sounds beautiful as it is!! Sometimes simple is very elegant!!Good Luck and Happy Baking =}And welcome to CC!
I dont have anything to add but did wanna say thats is one stunning cake!!!! I just love that!
Yep Yep Yep - Illegal ={ They make them for the home baker to make their kiddies ... No sale ~ No way .. UNLESS .. You do like Pastry Panda said and get permission .. and usually when the DO give it to you, its for a "one-time" use ONLY! Not worth the trouble OR time!
I think the caffeine is sooo small, and they are only gonna eat a piece or two, not the whole cake! Like smartin said - they get as much (or more) in a choc candy bar!And you cant taste the coffee in the cake either - Ive never had anyone ask after eating it if there was any ... it only makes the cake taste "richer" .. But if in doubt .. leave it out .. add more water or chocolate milk
Ah ~ thats good to know!! I knew it didnt affect the flavor any, but had no idea if it would go away or not because we never let them get past that point b4 eatting Thanx for letting me/us know!
I dont see why not! When we make them at home, we ALWAYS keep them in the freezer .. They taste so good that way .. sometimes the chocolate gets a little "ashy" looking, but I've read (somewhere) that thats ok =} Doesnt effect the flavor any, and probably will dissipate when returns backs to room temp, but I dunno ~ We just eat um!Good Luck and Happy bakin'!
When I use fresh fruit - I do always add a thin layer of BC to help it from soaking - because once fruit is cut, it starts producing that water (juice) that they are 75% made of I ONLY use it when the cake is gonna be consumed within 24hrs of me putting it in there - I havent had ANY problems with them getting soggy or ucky if I do it that soon .. HTH
Awww ~ That's so adorably adorable! There ARE still some good ones out there
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