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Wow, Annabakescakes, you're my new hero! Are they making a movie of your life yet? My jaw is on the floor with admiration for all you've accomplished. And you've inspired me to stick to it till I get what I want. I'm a retiree on a fixed income (not a terrible one, fortunately, but certainly finite), but I'm determined to have a great commercial kitchen in the next few years. You can be sure I'll be coming to you for advice. Sorry for hijacking this thread, y'all, but...
Annabakescakes, I want your kitchen!
     Too bad, BakingIrene. The world can use all the good-humored bakers it can get. Not that the rest of you aren't good-humored - it's just that we still need all the upbeatness we can get our hands on!      Buttercream is stable for days on end. It's meant to be left out. How could we use it on cakes otherwise? A no-pets-in-the-kitchen policy isn't a bad idea, either. If I start calling my roaches pets, do you think they'd all leave for the living room? (Don't...
I agree with lanana about the 2:1 mixture of teal and sky blue. It gets the color exactly. Great cake carmijok, and the lettering was to die for. Why can I never seem to remember to let my gumpaste dry out a little bit before cutting letters? I always make it a much bigger job than it is!
I wouldn't order from them at all without a PayPal option. That e-mail didn't address your question, it was just a stall.
Hahaha,  I was thinking the same thing as kimmisue2009! But actually I've always had that nagging little doubt about meringue buttercreams - it's good to have an answer. Thanks, as always, -K8memphis!
I haven't ordered anything from them but on the thread about the same kind of problems at GSA, a couple of people have mentioned problems like this at CK, too.
I wrap all my cakes like you do, in double cling wrap, freeze them (even if only overnight) and then do what Annie Cahill does - thaw them at room temperature with the wrap still on. It works like a charm, so don't worry!
How do you keep the second set of liners from falling off?
I think mine were probably from Wilton, too. Oh, well. I found some really cute ones in several solid colors and in gold and silver metallic from my neighborhood cake supply shop and they've been a great success.
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