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On the Texas Bakers' Bill Facebook page, there's a link to an Alabama bill page. You might want to check it out.
Speaking of drama queens, y'all... you're going to give this poor woman an unnecessary heart attack - hahaha! I've done several 6" & 8" two-tiers without doweling them and nothing has happened. They were for family functions, so I was around to see what went on, and what went on was...nothing. They stayed together just fine. My only disaster in this area was a one-tier that simply decided to fall apart on its way to the festivities - still don't know why. It was also for...
The ones I just bought are brittle, too, but I was so happy to find any at all that I bought them anyway. No problem for me since I'm planning to make vanilla extract. I wonder what would happen if you buried them in some moist sugar for a few days - at the very least you'd probably get vanilla sugar and it might even soften the beans. When I say moist sugar, I mean the consistency of wet sand - it doesn't take a lot of water to do this, just a few drops at a time so as...
It's just about the proportions of flour, eggs, sugar and fat I use for my modified 1-2-3-4 cake, which is a nice, dense and moist cake. I agree with -K8memphis though about the sugar for the pan. Wouldn't that totally make it stick to the sides and bottom or am I reading it wrong?
Actually, the last few photos in the favorites have always only had 1 or 2 votes. That's not new. What is new - but this is a trend, not something that happened with the new platform - is that where the top photos in the favorites used to have been favorited by 200-300 people, they're now the favorites of only 30 or so. Either people are getting a lot more picky or there just aren't as many of us looking as before.
Cazza1, I've often thought that I ought to turn decorating into a seasonal thing where I live, too! I'm just wondering why everyone doesn't just switch their birthdays, anniversaries and wedding plans to coincide with the November-February cool(ish) spell here.   Your cake and cupcakes are lovely, Amy7373! Very clean and crisp - none of that typical tropical melting down the sides look, hahaha.
I live in a place like yours. It's the middle of winter here now, so the temp is only getting up to 28-29° (that's Celsius, of course - 83-85 or so Fahrenheit!). But it gets up to 35 or 36 (high 90s) at most other times of the year, and the humidity is always ridiculously high. I NEVER refrigerate my fondant-covered cakes, because the condensation that forms on them will never dry in our humidity. Kitchens have no AC, of course. I do freeze my cake layers almost right...
In spite of all the naysaying, the more thingsI try to do on the new site, the better I like it. I've found very few things here that, once I've figured out how they work, I don't find that they work better than before. Yes, there are still a few glitches to be ironed out, but on the whole I think it's a platform that will carry us well into the future. Thanks for all the hard work, all of you!
Probably not.a disaster. I've done this a couple of times on purpose when I was out of butter or shortening (depending on what the recipe called for). Actually, one was even better with the vegetable oil . I've also used olive oil instead of vegetable oil with no appreciable difference in taste or texture.
I was thinking about the rolled buttercream, too, but I would be reluctant to try it on a whole cake. If you have a chance to do a little testing before the final run, you might try it on a dummy. That way, if you're careful to keep the dummy clean, you could use the buttercream again on the cake, if you're worried about the cost of experimenting.
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