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Yes, indeed, we really wish you the best for your wedding and your happily-ever-after! I love your laid-back approach to the ceremony so much that I'd like to give you a big hug. I'm sure you'll enjoy the day a lot more than the "this has gotta be perfect" type-As we see so many of in this business. The thing is, if you're open to experiencing with pleasure whatever happens on your wedding day,you may find some really unexpected things to be happy about and cherish in...
Yes, glacé takes longer to dry than RI, and it definitely tastes better - well, it does to me, anyway!
I always use glacé, which is basically RI with some corn syrup, but I'm always happy to learn some new cookie techniques. Thanks, y'all! 
Well, it would take me 80 pounds and 75 hours. Of course, 39 of those pounds would be consumed by me and whoever I put on my team (another chocolate lover, of course) and the other 65 hours would be spent getting over the mulligrubs from eating so much chocolate. Thanks for the brain calisthenics, -K8memphis!
Since it's the dowels or whatever supports you use that take the weight of the upper tiers rather than the cake itself, there is no reason you absolutely need to have a dense cake as the bottom tier, as -K8memphis said. And I'd take any advice she has to offer about size or anything else - the girl is the bomb when it comes to cake decorating. By the way, what did the baker say about the price - are you really saving money? Because if you're planning on stacking and...
I like this idea very much for the ones I use all the time. I have way too many to be able to have them all out, but it would be good to be able to get at the ones I use every week. I've seen the lower one used for several craft organizing projects, but what I most need to organize in my life is my cake stuff - why is there always so much of it?
Thanks for these tips, BakingIrene. I just started a batch yesterday with the tail end of some commercial extract, some vodka and my beans. I'll follow your method and see what comes up. I'd like to do some extracts for Christmas gifts this year, as well as for my own kitchen, so I'll probably be starting several more batches before long. Once I split the beans open, by the way, I was surprised to find the insides weren't all that dry, but still not the best for...
I'm actually interested in making extract. What gave you the best results for that, BakingIrene?
Ah, BakingIrene, leave it to you to come up with the best solution! I think I'll do this with my beans instead of making the extract with vodka. Thanks for the idea!
Congrats! Glad to hear everything turned out okay!
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