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Probably not a good idea to have the bottom tier of a cake this size be a dummy. Dummies are light in weight and one at the bottom of a 5-tier cake would make the cake topheavy.
I agree with -K8memphis (and, believe me, she has lots of experience!). I use a board every 4 inches (every two layer, if I'm lucky!), not only for the support, but for the serving size.
Oh, my goodness, no, DreamConfections! I was totally surprised at how in-your-face my response sounded once I read it again! I only wanted to let everybody know what a wonderful thing freezing a cake is for a short time and when it's well-isolated from any smells there might be in the freezer. It's totally changed the way my cakes come out, so of course I think everybody should do it (but I totally get that not everybody might want to).
Aha!. Thanks for the info on e-mail  notifications, imagenthatnj and jason_kraft. I hadn't realized you could do all those new things.
Aha! Thanks for the info on the e-mail notifications, imagenthatnj and jason_kraft. I hadn't realized you could do all those things.
I'm wondering, jason_kraft, why you call getting e-mail notifications of posts and PMs a new feature. We've been getting them all along. The difference I see is that we get them in a digest now instead of individually, which makes me happy because I hate to see a lot of clutter in my inbox. Are you referring to something else entirely that I'm not catching onto yet?
I started looking through my favorite photos and see that I, like many others, have had many of them multiply like the proverbial rabbits, but I see from the link in one of the posts above that it's being looked into. I'm grateful for FromScratch,SF's well-reasoned comments about the updates to the site and only wish everyone could be patient and rational about looking for ways to do the things we need to do here. In the long-run (and even in the short-run), the site is...
I have to agree with Bluehue's comments from a couple of pages ago. I've had no problems with the new format and have found several things that I like better than before. And it runs a lot faster on my computer (and, let me add, I use IE9 with no problems!). There were a few things I was having trouble figuring out, but from wading through the 10 pages of comments (so far) on this thread, I've found out how to do most of them. From me, everybody at CC gets a big "Thank...
It's not too early if the fondant completely covers the exposed part of the cupcake. Fondant is a great sealer and will keep your cupcakes moist for a lot longer than 2 days.
I do it all the time for stacked cakes, but I've never done it for cakes using separators. I'd be a little worried about it being topheavy, too. I think your idea of stacking the next tier up from the dummy and then using the separators from there is a very good one. I've never used SPD, either, so I don't know if that would make for a more stable cake (I don't know exactly how they work). Hope you find someone who has more information on this.
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