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I just put together layers for a carved pumpkin cake. It is red velvet w/ cream cheese frosting. It is sliding quite a bit. It is not dirty iced and is not cold. Will refrigeration and icing solve this issue or am I in trouble? Anyone have a solution? It is not getting fondant. Maybe that would help. It is for a customer and I'm a little nervous that a disaster is in the works.Help MeRobin
Can you make and sell gumpaste flowers without a commercial kitchen? I know they are considered edible, but it is not recommended because of wires and such. Can't seem to find the answer to this anywhere.Thanks,Robin in Pennsylvania
How can I get clean corners when I cover a square cake with fondant. I always get cracks. I don't know if I over work or under work the fondant. I am doing my first wedding cake and I want it to be perfect. The design is so simplistic it has to be spot on.Help Me PleaseRobin
I am doing a wedding cake for 20 people. Should I charge for the top tier since it's such a small order. I can see giving it away for free if it was a larger order. Help?Robin
I did planks on a pirate ship for my son. I actually had an old barn wood frame and I took an impression from it on sculpey clay. I cut it in the shape i needed (plank) I cooked it and then made a reverse inpression from that. All I had to do was press my fondant in that to get my my planks. Got any old wood?Good luckRobin
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