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I didn't know you could use corn syrup for the glucose! Thanks for the tip!I do want to use the fondant w/ gumtex though, most of it is already the right colors for my project & I don't really have time to color the gumpaste. I am making a baby figure for a shower cake. Not the molded kind, but a cute cartoony baby.
How much gumtex should be added to the fondant. I tried it once and I think I overdid it. I am going to try it again, but would love some guidance.
I have had cracking problems with my Satin Ice fondant this time too. I have used it without trouble in the past, but perhaps I will try another brand when I reorder. Taste wise do people prefer Chocopan or Fondarific? I have heard that most don't care for Wilton's. I might thy the Foster recipe, but I do like to buy the more intense colors rather than color them myself. I spent over an hour coloring fondant last night...that is for the birds!
Thanks for the info, the video was very helpful!
Thanks, you guys, for the input, it is very helpful.
Can you do fine details with this or just broader ones? I saw someone who said she wasn't happy with her small airbrush because she couldn't get the fine lines.
I am looking at buying an airbrush, and wanted an educated opinion if this would be a good one. let me know what you think.Jennifer
Can you tell me if using the white food coloring mixed in alcohol will give me an opaque white paint that can be used on colored fondant?Also, I have seen on cake shows the artist using a tape of some kind to make a straight line. Can you tell me what kind of tape is safe to use?
I still couldn't upload my cake photo.
I went by Michael's today and took a look at his stuff. His tips actually look like they would be more resistant to being bent than the wilton's ones. Overall, though, everything looked overpriced for what it was. You are paying for the name. His line will attract fans of the show who are "cake muggles" (whoever coined that one deserves a high five )
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