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I grew up a country girl, even though I am somewhat of a city girl now. When we stayed at my Mamaw and Papaw's house, we jumped up in the mornings and ran out to the hen house to grab eggs for our breakfast. A few times one or the other of us would find a chick embryo when cracking an egg. I guess we were typical country kids, because we would all crowd around and examine the "innards" of that particular egg. Papaw would grin and say that he needed to pen the old rooster...
I like the number of wires also. It conveys exuberance, excitement, and peppiness (uh, is that a word??). Adorable and perfect cheerleader cake.
Makes me want to dip into a big ol' bowl of sicky-sweet, wonderful buttercream with a large spoon.
Don't you imagine the guests are talking badly about this bride and groom?? I know I would
I really like the sound of your screen name here. Maybe there is some sort of name that could come out of that?
All I can say is that if you do Macsmom's recipe, you will be forever hooked. Hands down one of the best cakes I have ever tasted or made. People were actually arguing over getting their fingers onto the cakeboard to mop up the last crumbs/icing
Love the photo that shows the pretty torting job in your photo gallery of your website. Maybe add a pretty cake photo to the face page? Sometimes that is what draws me into a website (an eye-catching photo). Good luck with your venture! It sounds like an exciting time for you.
Viewed your cake photos and they are so pretty! You are talented and should not undersell yourself. I was a total cake muggle before finding this site and even I would know better than to try and pull the stunt that this lady is trying to pull on you! I am suspecting that she has discerned you have a kind heart and she is trying to trade on that.
Thanks ladies! I am going to be doing 2 of these for my dad's party now and I am going to try one baked all at the same time and one baked in two sessions just to see how my oven does with this. If it messes up, my guys will scarf up the "experiment one"
This may sound silly, but I have never used this pan and got it as a gift. I know I will use filling/icing between the "cap cake" and the base cake, but do you cut the base cake in half horizontally and put icing there? It just seems so thick not to put something there . TIA.
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