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I have a customer who is looking to get lower sugar or sugar free cut out cookies for a diabetic relative. I was thinking of trying my regular recipe and using Splenda for baking - anybody ever do this and did it turn out, or have a lower sugar or sugar free recipe to share?
It holds its shape and adheres right to the cookie. You can even take your finger and smooth the fondant out to the edge of the cookie if you want, but you have to do it carefully. It's easy to stick your finger right into the warm MMF.
Does royal icing adhere to chocolate if any of hte details were RI?
I'm not very experienced in working with chocolate, but I'm going to make some angry birds cake pops for a party. I'd like to make the bird features out of fondant and attach to the cake pop. Do I use chocolate to attach the fondant to the chocolate of the cake pop or is there anything else that will work?
I've done this before also - no problems at all. I always bake at 300 instead of 350.
I put gumpaste funky lettering (using tappits) on a buttercream cake. Put it in an airtight container last night and when I woke up this morning, the letters looked wet. Seems the gumpaste is absorbing moisture. I took the lid off so it could "breathe", but this cake is for tomorrow and I don't know if I should leave it uncovered for that long. If I put the lid back on, will the gumpaste melt, or the coloring bleed?
I bought my funky letter tappits about 1 year ago, tried them, hated them, but them away. Wanted to try them again a couple of weeks ago, so I found a youtube video by Lorraine McKay on using tappits. Used all her tricks and now LOVE THEM. I've used them on 4 cakes in the last two weeks. LOL Haven't heard of the clicksticks, but now I'm interested - might check those out for different lettering.
I like to use Watkins Hazelnut extract to flavor both a variation of WASC and buttercream. It always goes over big.
Yeah, papermart probably has one, or uline even. Not sure of the dimensions of the Wilton pan, but maybe something like this?
I do as Alvarga suggests, but I did buy an airbrush I still haven't used yet. I might play with that.
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