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Wow. I would never have guessed it was that easy! This is a gorgeous look for such little effort. I'm going to try it too.
found wooden ones tonight at AC Moore in Charlotte. $1 each
I agree. It is so precious.
For a wedding cake, I would double the foamcore (for added stability) and it must be covered in something, usually cake foil, before placing the cake on it.
just wanted to say I think this is a FABULOUS idea to empower women ! I have been to Africa on a mission trip and have a heart for the massive needs there. I hope this takes off in Zambia.
Hi everyoneI'm attempting to come up with some numbers for a possible business plan. I work very slowly, but am wondering how many cakes an experienced decorator working alone can handle per week. How many cakes are ordered to consider yourself "booked up" for a particular week?Thanks for any input on this subject!
I'm no pro, but I have done this with wonderful results. Post your pics when you are done!
I have been feeling that the boards don't seem as helpful as they once did. I recently posted a question with little response and also got a PM fussing at me for using the bum* word. Thanks for explaining that some have left. That is the answer as to why things aren't as friendly seeming. I would love to be part of the helpfulness, but I feel like such a dork giving advice since I am a total novice. Thanks to all of you who have made CC a great place for beginners.
If anyone knows this answer, I would love you forever to share with me on this type of design.
For this cake are the green and pink fondant wrapped only around the sides leaving the top open, then the white is laid on top OR is the entire cake covered in green/pink as normal, then the white laid on top? I love this look and am trying it tonight for the first time.
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