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wow, both are excellent!!
Ah Ok. I will defiantly call soon. Thanks for your help!
I have thought about this later on in the future when I get more experienced just starting a business from my home but it has ?? beside ky in the list of states posted in the forum. Does anyone know if Ky is legal?
Yesssss. Thanks so much! Can't wait to try it. I have heard a lot about chefmasters and americolor but haven't seen it in any stores. But I also don't look for it . I always assumed wilton was a great brand (the amateur in me showing ).
wow your firetruck looks great seriouscakes! Awesome shade of red on it. I just love your bc recipe too. Everyone else loves it as well Do you have a recipe for chocolate bc?
I make BC and it's a recipe I got from seriouscakes.Usually black and red give the most issues.How can you get a true deep red color without making the icing runny?Usually when I try to do borders or roses with red or black when it comes out it's not as stiff and tends to look like a blob and loses the shape that it gives when it first comes out of the tip.
Glad I seen this post. I had no idea you could get in trouble for putting copyright images on cakes. Never thought about it really. Good thing I am not selling my cakes at the moment. Thanks for this post.
So I notice when I use food coloring it changes the consistency of my icing to a mushy mess if that makes sense lol and it drives me bonkers! What can I use to keep the icing the same Consistency but have stronger colors? I use wilton's concentrated gel colors at the moment.
This is why I love coming here! You guys help so much. Thanks loads!
I have a bible cake to do this weekend for a preacher's birthday and I was just wondering how I could achieve the look of pages on the side without the comb tool that does this. Sorry I don't know the term used in the caking world for that tool lol. I tried making the ruffles myself with my spatula but it didn't look that great. Also for the top page look. I want to use fondant and just bend the edges to make it look realistic. Anything I should know going into that to be...
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