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Never thought of marzipan! I'd prefer just the modeling chocolate, but I'm afraid of it melting.
I'm going to be making a veggie tray cake for a beach party. I was contemplating using modeling chocolate for my veggies, but since I don't know what the weather will be, heat wise, I'm questioning my plan. Is there a way to firm up modeling chocolate to withstand the heat better? Can you mix modeling chocolate with gumpaste and would that be an option? Or, should I stick with fondant veggies, or even gumpaste for that matter? I need some advice/ feedback...
Thanks Claire138! That's kinda what I was thinking as well.
I have two 12" squares. One cracked when I was flipping it. It's not cracked all the way through. The other layer is fine. Where would you put the cracked layer? On bottom or on top?
Thanks everybody! I think the painting thing is the way to go, although I did have another thought I may try sometime. Cut the letters you are going to need out of whatever color your main color will be. Then, take some fondant or 50/50 gumpaste that is white, and cut the letters out of the white. You can then set your colored letters in the spot where you cut them from the white. The you can trim the white and voila! Make sense?
Was planning on using letter cut outs...
Makes sense to me! I was, however, going to cut these out with some letter cutters that I have. I will keep this trick in mind for the next one!
I figured the painting thing would be the way, but not so sure about the steady hand thing. photo isn't there. Let me try again.
Can anyone tell me how I can outline fondant lettering? I tried using a small length of fondant in a different color, but my letters are too small. I want to get this effect.
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