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Do you have any problem with them stretching out then? That is how I had them but when I put them in the cupcake pan they are too big and part of it folds in.
How do you store cupcake wrappers? I have a lot because I buy them when I see cute ones or if they are on sale. I did have them in a box stacked on their sides. I thought I had them in their loose enough so they wouldn't stretch out but some of them did and now they are too big for the pan. I googled this topic but got nothing. Does anyone have an great ideas for storing so they keep their shape?Thanks!!
The cake is for a family friend and I am not making money off of it.
Hi everyone! I had a request to do a Led Zeppelin cake. It is just a sheet cake with a picture they gave me off the internet. I took the image off the picture and tried to recreate it. I am definitely an amateur so I know it's not amazing but I would like your opinion on it. If you see the picture, do you know it is from Led Zeppelin (if you are a fan)? Obviously they know it is not going to be an exact copy but I would like it to look the best it can. Any advice would be...
I made one once, it looked like a golf course. I think I have a pic of it in my photos. Anyway, I used the large wilton icing tip to get the icing on and then just smoothed it out. It worked really well. I think it is tip 789.
I never turn the tv or music on on purpose. If it is on I don't notice it. What does bother me is when my grandmother (whom I love dearly) stands there and watches me work. I never say anything because she is proud of me and loves what I do, plus I would never tell my grandmother to do something or upset her. I usually just stop for a bit and talk to her about the cake then she will go away and I will resume, but for some reason I just cant have anyone watch, it bothers me...
I have a cake that I am doing that has three tiers. I have never done one and I am concerned about the support. This is how I was going to do it:(bottom to top)1. 10in round on plastic seperator plate with 3in globe base set with dowl rods in the cake2. 8in round on waxed cake board directly on top of the 10in round with the 2 in globes on top and the supports that came with the globe set in it3. 6 in round on seperator plate resting on the globes/supports in the 8in...
Wow!! you guys have been sooo much help! Thanks
I really want to try and make a wine bottle cake. I love how they look inside a box or crate. I have looked at some of the pics and some said the bottle is make out of something other than cake and the box is cake. I really don't care how I do it. I was wondering if anyone has done one or how I would go about doing one?Thanks!!
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