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Hi guys   Please, does someone know how to bake meringue cake (Pavlova cake) but with no sugar?  I know there are other substitus, but sugar is giving texture to egg  whites and it dries well...any suggestions? like stevia or other sweetener? thanks
i am not able to find instruction on their site how to clean THE  MAT. Just started to use it but having problems with sticking too :( and tearing of fondant as a consequence when trying to cover cake  
videos are great, thanks indeed
thanks a lot!, I understand now Have yet another question: "crumb coating" it covering edges of cake with buttercream?
i just dont understand what "dowel" is, (not english native speaker)
ok - thanks guys for replying..but then if you use bundt shape you need actually to do 2 cakes of 1 size and then flip one over and stack with the other one to get pumkpin look?
I just can't figure out how and from what is this shape of pumpkin made?How is it covered in fondant?! It is really gorgeous anyone explain please?
unfortunately i am not able to buy her dvd's as of the delivery problem
i am reading your posts re ganache, and I would like to give a try too.Have only 1 question please:after you cool ganache from cooking, do you mix it before you cover your cakes?
WOOOHOOOOExcellent!!!! Thanks so much on your posts.Tried to buy Sharon's Zambito DVD but they dont deliver here -
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