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Thank you to Pinterest for making our cake decorating even more difficult. Now we have to imitate award-winning cakes! I was just asked to do this cake, but in all buttercream!!! I was thinking of piping a lace design and then doing the gold air brush over that. Any other buttercrem ideas?
Here is a link to a great video from The Twisted Sifter making her homemade fondant. I use her method, but since I do not have a large Kitchenaid mixer I used my hand held mixer with the dough hooks that came with it and it still works great. I use this alone for small cakes and to decorate sugar cookies. I typically use all Satin Ice fondant for large wedding cakes because it has a more smooth, polished look, but you could use a mixture of the two, especially if you have...
I use: since this is searchable.
I think that the lower temperature (325) is definately key. Also when I make the 2-boxes of cake mix version which calls for 2 2/3 cups of liquid I like to use flavored coffee creamers for part of the liquid, but if use more than 1 cup of creamer (NOT fat free creamer) I have had the cake fall - maybe it throws off the fat or sugar ratio needed. So 1 cup of creamer and 1 2/3 cup water.
I have an Americolor avocado that seems like it should work. I think I got it when I needed to match pistchio from David's bridal this summer. I also used it for a pear cupcake tree.
In my rural college town area I charge $2 per cupcake with high buttercream and minimal fondant decorations (like a big or several small flowers/leaves). This is for wedding or very large party orders that would be 100+ regular size cupcakes. This also includes the use of one of my cake stands that must be returned.
If you make the fondant decorations at least 3 days ahead and let them dry thoroughly, they should not melt when applied to the buttercream. I have done this many times on cakes and cupcakes without any problem. They are fine even after a couple days. Tip-don't let brightly colored decorations in direct sunlight to dry as they will fade. I hope this helps!
Does anyone know where to purchase larger size cake pedestals... 14 inches or larger in diameter? I see so many pretty pictures of cakes on pedestals, but can only find smaller ones.
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