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I have bought bags from Nashvillewraps. They have all different sizes and are very fast at delivery. Their customer service was great!
Welcome!!!! These ladies are all SOOOO helpful! They will help you with anything and don't mind sharing tips and secrets! We are all one big family of additive souls!
I guess what I am wanting is a couple of ideas to use as samples and then make those up in quanity. I would love is also if I could just have someone say do whatever for x amount! But most of my orders come from ladies so I don't know how many I will actually get for Mother's Day since most of them ARE the mothers.
Yes, I think that too much baking powder can make a difference in the cookie. Once I cut down the amount in the NFSC, my cookies keep their shape and rise also. I am much happier with the outcome since I have cut the baking powder in half. I have never thought of just totally leaving it out. Haven't tried that!
Wow, all these cookies are so impressive! I have been so busy with Easter cookies that I did not get to get in on this months cookie of the month but will in May. I am a school teacher and teach first grade so I had LOTS of ides for cookies but needed to do Easter bouquets for a fundraiser for my son. When will we know what the theme is for May or have I missed the post on it?freddyfl, I am so sorry your son is sick but so glad it is not cancer. I tried to get on your...
What ideas do you have or are you doing for Mother's Day? It seems like I am always doing just flowers. Does any one have any new fresh fun ideas?
I had trouble with my cookies spreading too much and I was using the NFSC recipe. I cut the baking powder back by half and it works beautiful now! I think that can make a big difference. My cookies were spreading so much before I did this that some of the shapes were nearly unrecognizable. Hope this helps!
My granny passed away recently and I was her caretaker so needless to say I was very close to her. I would not have thought any thing about receiving cookies. Actually because I also have children, I would have thought, "Wow, this person really took my family into consideration and did something for US!" I aslo know that my children would have welcomed some delicious cookies during that time!You do it and be proud of it!!!
My husband is watching this on his computer as closely as I am on mine! He hasn't closed it out so he can go back and check it out every now and then!!
Oh, I have tons of Easter cookies to be working on but I have been sitting here reading this thread! I can not believe this bride to be!!! I will be checking back regularly to get the updates!!!I wish people would be more considerate and not so EVIL!!Can't wait! This is such a suspense!!
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