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hate to ask this but, you never know, sometimes its something simple we are overlooking ......are you using a whisk? not the paddle. must use whisk.
I just tried a SMB and love it. it is 1c eggwh/ 2c sugar/ 2c butter. i live in miami with 80-95 degrees. which portions will probably hold better in warmer temps: this one; From Scratch 1:1:2 ; or Lindas 1:2:3.sorry if silly question. thanks
yes, this is very time consuming. I have never done this for a customer. but for family, usually sheet cakes are the ones cut up beforehand and boxed. fruitcake slices are often wrapped in saran before being boxed. i guess to keep moist. again, i have never done it for a customer, but it takes forever. perhaps u can suggest giving her sheet cakes beforehand for her to package in order to reduce her cost.
i will be in toronto canada this summer and was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction. they have a big chinese population and i would like to get some info, possibly:- which treats are favorites- great recipe book on their cakes and desserts - maybe a moon cake mold or other molds used for their treatsthank you!
magic line without a doubt. no dome so you dont have to level off much at all so u use most of the cake. my wilton and fat daddio are moving into storage
I have seen it with Buttercream under fondant.But I am most used to eating it at weddings with marzipan under royal icing.or marzipan under fondant.I guess it's just a matter of choice.
only 1 anniversary cake tonite. hate when they leave design up to me. never sure what to make
also looks like they are dusted with sanding sugar.
Thanks for your input. the bride has been changing tiers even this week. sad, but true.
Bride wants cake to look like this.... like 3" tiers alternate with 6" tiers.a) How do i achieve the tall you think 3" and 4" could pass and look similar?b) even if i use foam board under the 4" tiers, it wouldnt be as pictured.any tips appreciated plllleeease urgent. its for this weekend
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