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Ok, so I think I will try making Cake Man Raven's recipe into cupcakes this weekend. The only problem is, is that I live in the UK, and as far as I know, we do not have buttermilk here. Will this recipe still turn out ok if I use the standard subsitute for buttermilk (regular milk + vinegar and let stand for 5 mins). Thanks
Hmmm, well I'm not sure what to do now. If I have to make and decorate a big order of cupcakes my frosting always crusts a bit anyways but I don't want it to crust too much if I were to leave them out. Also I deliver them in cardboard cupcake boxes and they could have to stay in the box anywhere from a few hours to a few days so putting the flowers on at the last min isn't really an option.
Oooh THANK YOU soo much for that thread!!! I've gotta get to bed (UK time here) so will read the rest of it tomorrow, but it looks like I'll be making the Cake Man Raven's!
Has anyone tried making Paula's Red Velvet Cupcakes (here This is the only red velvet recipe I've seen that is oil based, and all the butter ones I've tried are too dry. I'm hoping this would be nice and moist. Alternatively, she's got a butter based red velvet cake that I'm wondering how it would be in cupcakes....
Yes, I do. I know it's because I have them covered up, but I don't want the cupcakes to dry out, as I have to make and decorate them a day or 2 ahead of time before delivery. I'm assuming since the sugar paste dries rock hard, it will stay that way even if the decroations are on buttercream in a sealed container - is this correct?
Can I use wilton Gel colors to color flower and modeling paste? I'm wanting to use this stuff here to make some simple flowers in my silcone flower mold. Is it the same as gum paste? I need something that I can color easily but will dry hard so I can use it on top of buttercream without it going soft. I've used MMF before, but it goes soft after it's been sitting on the buttercream for a few hours., if I...
I need to make a grey candy melt shell for a giant cupcake. I was going to combine white and a few black melts, but now the only store I can get them from is sold out of black, and I don't know if they'll have them in time for when I need them. What type of coloring can I use to make grey? Would any kind of powdered coloring work? I'v heard the gel colors can't be used, but are all powders ok?
Ok, so if I've made my frosting with strawberry flavoring tonight and frost the cupcakes tomorrow, I'd be ok if I added in some strawberry jam then as well. So frost (with strawberries) on Thursday nightDelivery on FridayEat on Saturday with possible left overs on SundayIs that safe with organic Jam with no perservatives?
Do you think strawberery jam would be any better?
If I mix fresh strawberry puree in buttercream will it be ok at room temperature for a few days? I've got an order for strawberry cupcakes, but will have to make them a day and a half ahead of time. I've got strawberry flavoring, but thought fresh puree might be a nice addition. What do you think?
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