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It's the Wilton pan, but since I'm going to use the WASC recipe and since the base is so deep I think it will nbeed much longer than 20 mins to cook. I've been told closer to an hour - is that right? As for covering it with MMF do you think it might be best to cover the base right side up and not bother covering the bottom of it since the bottom will be on the cake board? Is that the best thing to do?
I have to bake a giant cupcake tonight for a wedding and cover it in fondant. I've heard it's best to cover the base upside down to the bottom of the cake first, and then down the sides so the top is not covered, as it will be covered by the top of the cupcake. My main concern is how do I flip the giant cupcake base so it's sitting properly after I cover it? I don't want to make any dents or marks in the cake after it's covered.Also, if I use the WASC recipe or this one...
would it make the Giant Cupcake sturdier or should I use the WASC? Will I need to adjust my cooking time if I use the giant cupcake pan because it's so deep?
What does addding pudding to cake mix do? If I add pudding into the mix do I have to add any extra liquid or adjust the cooking time?
Yes, I believe there are a few threads on here about making MMF from Fluff. I've heard it's very successful when done. I think there may even be a recipe for it in the recipes section.
I just made edible glue yesterday using 1.5 tbsp water and 1/4 tsp tylose. Shake up in little jar and leave overnight. Anything not mixed at first will disolve and thicken overnight. I used it today to glue pieces of gumpaste to eachother and glitter on gumpase and it worked great!
I'm planning on making the WASC for the first time today, but the recipe calls for white boxed mix - I only have French Vanilla and live in the UK so don't have access to any more. Will French Vanilla work ok? Also, if anyone else can help me with answers to questions in my other thread here I would be very greatful.Thanks!
Ok, so I've just printed off that recipe and compared it to Cake Man Raven's and the 2 recipes are identical, which coincidentally are both identical to Paula Deen's Red Velvet Cupcakes recipe, so anyone who says one is better than the other is confused because they are ALL the SAME!!!
If I mix it with Wilton Black gel will it take a lot longer to dry? I assume I'll have to mix a lot in. Should I try mixing any cocoa in to help darken the base color before adding black?
I've got some pre-made white flower paste, but how can I turn it black?
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