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I don't usually use boxed mixes, but what about just using as lemon boxed mix? Everyone seems to love the texture of boxed mixes.
Try and add in the powdered sugar a little bit at a time, instead of all at once, or in larger amounts.
Ooh one other ganache question - can I use whipping cream in place of the heavy cream?
I used a white chocolate from the grocery store. I live in the UK, so our choc is generally better quality here. I bought a good bar of white choc from the baking isle. The package said I could use it for ganaches and mouses. It probably isn't the best belgian quality or anything, but I thought it was ok. The choc seems to get grainier each time I bring it back to room temp, or warm it up slightly.
What frosting would go best with a champagne cupcake? The champagne has a very mild taste, so I don't want anything to over power it. I've whipped up some white chocolate ganache, and although the flavor is delecate, I'm not sure it's quite right. I've also mixed some champagne into some buttercream I'd already made (already made with milk, so not just champagne as the liquid) and I found it a bit too sweet for the cupcake, but it could be because I didn't use champagne...
Thanks very much for your help/ I've whipped it up and it tastes delicious! One last question though - my ganache is a bit grainy. Is it supposed to be like that? It's my first batch of white chocolate ganache I've ever made, so I have no idea. It's always been a bit grainy, so it's not a result of freezing or anything.
I used this recipe ml cream455 g white chocolate 1 oz sugarThe recipe also called for a tbs of butter, which was optional to make it shiny, but I can't remember if I used the butter or not. It's been in my freezer for about a month now.
Thanks very much. Should I thaw it to room temp, or should I speed up the process by warming it up a bit over a double boiler (not so it's hot, or even warm, but just so it's really soft). How long will it take to whip, and what consistancy will it be?
I've got some left over white chocolate ganache in the freezer. I was wondering if I could defrost it aqnd some how whip it so it's thicker and fluffier to use either as a cupcake filling or if possible even pipe it on top of a cupcake. Can someone tell me if this is possible, and how to do it?
How do I pipe a rose onto a whole cupcake like this? What tip do I need? Is there a tutorial for this anywhere?
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