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Just wanted to bump this post because I did a blog post today about the size of our ovens in the UK vs the size of US ovens. Actually, my blog (website is in my signature below) will have a lot of US & UK comparisons. Anyways, since I finally took pictures of the size difference I thought I'd post them in this thread.Here's one of the pictures.
No, Paula Deen has 2 recipes. The Paula Deen recipe that is the same as Cake Man Raven's is her Red Velvet Cupcake recipe. It can be found here: Coincidentally, not only are Cake Man Raven and Paula Deen's recipes exactly the same, but Chef Stef's recipe (from the recipe section on this site) which has also got good reviews from people is also EXACTLY THE...
What about adding some Lorann oils? Strawberry puree or jam also works well.
Oh my lord, if you can mix and bake 750 cupcakes in 2 hours you're a freaking magician!!! That would take me at least 12 hours! Mind you, my darn UK oven is so tiny I can only bake 24 at a time
No idea, but it's beautiful!!! Would love to hear from anyone else who knows how to do it. A transfer perhaps?
My wedding cake was 5 tiers with pink roses in between. It held up very well all night, but I was a little dissapointed with the way the cake decorator set up the cake. He didn't push the roses in enough, so they were sticking out further than the cake tiers, so just make sure that tuck them in far enough. Overall I still loved my cake and the height the extra roses gave the cake. It was stunning, and all our guests agreed.
Something I used to do when I was in Girl Guides (Canadian Girl Scouts) was take an orange, cut the top off of it, scoop out the orange inside and eat it (or throw it away if you've totally mushed it up) and then pour cake batter in the emptied out orange. Replace the top of the orange and cover the whole thing in tin foil. I can't remember if we put the entire thing in the camp fire, or if we put them on top of a grill that was placed over the fire, but in no time at...
The other thing you could do is if your cupcakes do dome, just take a small ramekan, spoon or something else flat and approx the same diameter as your cupcake and flatten the tops with it as soon as they come out of the oven. It won't effect the taste or texture of the cupcake, but it will make them perfectly flat. I do it all the time.
Does anyone know of a good cake decorating shop near the Gatwick Airport area? Surrey/West Sussex area? Not an online store? I'd like to be able to look at the products before I buy them.
Oooh those are great!!!
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