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There's a whole erotic section in the galleries section, and also an erotic forum. You have to request access to it thought. I'm not sure if it's because I already have access or not, but as I'm posting this reply there is a message directly above that tells you to "click here" to gain access. Try it out....
OMG! That cake is beautiful!!! I've got to learn how to make those sugar tiles! I moved from Canada to the UK last year, and I'm appalled at the lack of "crafty" things here! There is so much selection back in North America. As far as I know, they don't sell cricut machines over here, but now I want one soooo bad!!! You should do a tutorial on that cake if you get a chance! We'd all love to see it.
Really? 2-3 weeks is ok? Wow, I'm so excited! I can make a big batcj of it. I was thinking 2-3 days, or a week at most.
Hmm, I don't think I can edit the title anymore. But yes, how do I get my cupcakes to have a muffin top? Do I need a different pan?
YES! I'll change my subject line to read that as well, just for clarification
Everytime I make cupcakes they come out pretty good, except that I would like them to have that nice little crusty edge where they have spilled over the cupcake liner and they form a nice little done. I find that this edge acts like a nice shelf so I can put more icing on them, but I can't fingure out how to get that edge! I've tried filling them with more batter but they never turn out right. Does anyone have any tips?
Ahh nice! I wonder if there is a place like that in the UK. The thing is that they don't even really have cupcakes here like American cupcakes. They have these gawd awful things called fairy cakes that are like smaller dryer cupcakes with icing that you pour on and crusts over - they just aren't good. I don't know where I would start to look for commercial cake mixes - I've done a google search and can't find them. Shipping from the US would just be too expensive.
Well, I've never actually seen 50lb bags of cake mix, but then again, I've never looked. I'd love to open up my opwn cupcake shop before, but always thought that I would have to make them from scratch to be a legit cupcake bakery. I live in the UK now and cake mix is very hard to find, and when you do find it it's very expensive. I wonder if there is anywhere here that sells bulk cake mix. Where do bakeries in the US get the mix from? Wholesale baking suppliers or...
Just wondering if those of you who run free standing cupcake shops or very busy at home cake businsses - Do you use boxed cake mixes? I love the taste of boxed cake mix cupcakes and many of the cupcakes I've had from successful independant bakeries taste exactly the same as ones made from cake mixes, so I'm wondering if it's actually possible that they are not made from scratch. I just made my first batch of cupcakes from scratch yesterday, and they turned out great -...
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