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So sorry you got taken advantage of like that. Sadly, there are people like that in this world. They obviously did not appreciate what you were doing for them, and completely underestimated the value of what they were getting and all the time and hard work that went into it. It's mind boggling that the husband did not grasp the idea that you were not getting paid for what you were doing and acted as if he was doing you some kind of favor! I'm not sure if you want...
I love it! Thanks!
Maybe what she's doing is against the law, but her customers can look into her credentials for themselves. If they choose to buy from her, knowing she's not licensed, then that is on them. Unless you have good reason to believe she is baking in an unsanitary environment or her baking practices could be compromising the health of her customers, I would just leave it alone. These things usually have a way of taking care of themselves eventually.
I truly enjoyed the steampunk cake contest! I didn't enter the contest, but I had a lot of fun viewing and voting. It was the first contest I actually followed and couldn't wait to see the results of! When I first read about the theme, I had no idea what steampunk was, but after I familiarized myself with the aspects of the genre, I was so excited to see what kind of interesting cakes people would come up with. I was so impressed! Thanks to all the brave cakers who took on...
I know there has to be a bunch of M&M cake photos on here somewhere, but I can't seem to find them. I've typed in M&M, M&M's, M & M, and M & M's. Nothing! Can someone help me find them? I'm doing a cake for my mil's birthday party tonight and need to see some photos of M & M themed cakes ASAP. Thanks!
Tiggy2, I can give you the recipe from my grandma's cookbook. Maybe it will work for you
Thanks for the advice, everyone.I always use a candy thermometer and follow directions to a T. Maybe my thermometer is a little off and I need to compensate for that. I'll check.Thanks again!
Oops! I forgot to mention that she doesn't want flowers!All your ideas sound wonderful! Thanks!
What am I doing wrong???I'm a busy mom of 8 kids - been cooking for nearly 18 years now. I love to cook, bake, make candy, etc. Why can't I make fudge??? I have tried the recipe in my grandma's old Betty Crocker cookbook several times, and my fudge never turns out. It always hardens up and crumbles before I can get it in the pan. I stop stirring right when it starts to loose its gloss, so why would this keep happening? Can some of you candy experts give me some advice,...
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