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If I can remember right, the poured buttercream still crusts!!
You could used poured buttercream for the whole teapot! I don't have the exact instructions, but I know who does....Parable! A pic of hers is here... uses the Wilton buttercream, microwaves it, thins it with water, and mixes it. You'd have to PM her to get the directions but I know she'll reply!Good luck!
Congratulations! I would love to see other pictures as well! I don't have a home business yet, but your pics might inspire me enough to start one!
PERFECT! Thanks everyone for the quick replies! Now...time to get to work!
I usually just search to find what I am wanting to make...but I don't know what you would even call this. So, does anyone have any tips for how to make the "thing" that the star with "Nadia" is coming out of in this link? you just cut the fondant once on the cake? Then add the black? It just looks so pretty, especially with the black "inside"!Thanks!!!
Not sure what type of font you are going for, but I just bought some FMM Tappits from Global sugar art and I love them. They come in different fonts and are very easy to use! that helps!
I'm going to disagree with everyone and say it's WHITE CHOCOLATE!If you look at these two cakes from CC member Denise, they look almost identical to your picture... had asked her a couple years ago how she made her boards, and this was her response..."The cake board was covered in white chocolate - painted on with a Rubbermaid 2" paintbrush and when dry was painted with luster dust and Everclear....
This is truly my first cake...made in my first Wilton class (May 200.And this is my last one (July 2011).... for starting this, it makes me feel a little better about my cake decorating abilities! LOL! Love seeing everyone else's too!
Maybe a tiny, tiny bit less only because you're saving the cost of baking the cake (ingredients, energy, etc). But right around the same. I don't know an exact amount difference, but someone else may know.
Mot people that I've seen/heard have charged about the same as a real cake. You are putting in almost as much work as a real cake, which is what you are really charging for. As for the tearing fondant...did you dull the edges of your dummy first? I usually do this by rubbing my rolling pin around the edges or just rubbing it on the countertop. Some people file them down as well. Hope that helps! Good luck!
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