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yeah i think that is my problem, my buttercream is pretty soft when i first make it. Hmm i guess it's back to the drawing board for a new buttercream. Thanks for the tip i will have to watch it when i'm home ;)
I'm just wondering how big the filling in the middle should be? This happens even when i just use a buttercream filling too. I have no idea what i am doing wrong.
I am hoping someone can help me out. When i do either a two to four layered cake it tends to shift to the side which  makes it uneven when covering in fondant.   i cut the cakes so they are straight, i go to ice it and it slowly shifts to one side.    what am i doing wrong?
There is a local cake store that sells American Colours, but i'm not sure what the Metallic Gold Airbrush Dye is though. Is that a specific brand/color?
  Would anyone know how this color was achieved? I would assume an air brush, but i don't own one. Any other thoughts?
I have a cake to do that includes fall coloured flowers and i thought i would do a deep pink Peony with some Burnt orange roses and dark purple roses or Cala Lily's. Not sure if the peony would be too spring like for a cake.Thoughts?
Thank you very much for the recipe I will definitely give it a try.
i will chill it just trying to figure out flavours as i know he likes chocolate and wto avoid pound cake. i have never done mudcake. anyone have a good recipe?
hii'm sure this is a question that has been asked in the past. besides poundcake what other cake recipes are food for carving? i am trying to surprise my boss wih a cake in the shape of his porsche or as i call it his midlife crisis car. any suggestions are welcome.
Thanks Everyone!I can only do round cakes as that is what the bride wants with the design.I have a different list for cake sizes i will definietly keep the Wilton one as a reference. Thanks jason_kraft i'll most likely use that one!
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