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Part of my new plan is getting down my rent. Where I am moving, there is a prime location 3 times bigger then my current, for $650 a month.   right now I pay $1800 a month for 250 sqft   Is this right?     Jason, would you mind sending me a link you think is good for writing a buisness plan for a bake and candy shop?
 no no, thank you! if anything I will use it for later. You guys have been great!
I was planning on a grand re-opening in september. When people around here are back from holidays
instead of "fighting for it) how can I prove the odds wrong?    ideas for promotions? is there any way to fix time, to show him it would be ok?     I have come to terms wit hthe possiblility of losing it, but just wanted to see what you guys say
We have to figure out the lease (do we sell it as well) and paying off the old owner, we were on a payment plan with him.   If we really need to, the corporation can go bankrupt. But I am hoping to stay away from that.   I put my heart and soul into this, but I learned thats not it. I have some business learning, and this was much different then my farmers market booth. I look forward to learning and trying again in the future!
I worked for the last company, and when he was thinking of selling this location (should have taken that as a red flag) He offered it to me. I figured I was already working there 50 hours a week, and was the only employee, thats I was set to go. But he left things a mess as well.   I think my name was better ;)
thats what happened except he wouldnt sell us the name, 
like I said, the planning was wrong. Right now it is better to start from scratch. PLUS we are going to move closer to my parents, to help with my 5 1/2 year old, who is suffering as well
its not the amount and more that being on a single income ( he is in training for his job) we cant pay our rent at home either.   Thanks for the support.
I completetly agree that 3 months is way to short. But I know it was done the wrong way, and I dont want any resentment from my husband either.
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