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The video says it was 450 servings- you could do the 'reverse' math to figure it out. How many people does the cake need to feed?
Those cards are hand painted????? Definitely go with that- I was POSITIVE it was an edible image. I stand corrected. Wonderful work!
Pearls dragees would be an acceptable substitute. If you really want the look of silver I guess you gotta get out the luster dust and vodka (at that point, I would probably be choosing to DRINK the vodka, but hey, that's just me).
You could make the house out of gingerbread.
We want to get my daughter a Kitchen Aid Mixer for Christmas. Sam's has a 475W, 5 Quart for 269 with the lift up bowl. Walmart has a 4.5 quart (not sure of the wattage) and the box shows a picture of the lift bowl, but I am not positive that it is, for 149.I want the mixer that is right for her, but the 149 is definitely more within the budget.I know she will use it to make marshmallows on a pretty regular basis- probably at least once a week. Those suckers get pretty...
Thanks- I am finding the more I learn the more I stress about every little detail.
I have the layers of my son's birthday cake torted and filled. I will be covering it with fondant tomorrow- I can't let if sit in the fridge un-iced or it will dry out. I want to ice it with ganache- but I don't want to ice it until it is carved- can I seal it with a crumb coat of buttercream and then add ganache? I love cake central- but I think it is making me a little OCD about my caking!
Yep- I do it all the time- sometimes the cake design is more important to me than how many servings. I made a 70 serving cake for my son's birthday party- he had 10 kids! I didn't care-- that cake was COOL!!!!!!!
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